Station Eleven

Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel I wish we got more of Clark and his life before the flu. Everything was Arthur and his parade of ex-wives 24/7, I want to hear about the only gay character in the entire god-damn post-apocalyptic world. Seriously, why is he the sole character with a same-gender relationship, and he doesn't even get to meet another man, he has to die yearning for his old boyfriend and isn't allowed to move on... Also no transgender people. :/

Other than that the story was much better than a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction I've read. Probably because the focus was very much on the daily life of people, it wasn't super action-packed or fraught with peril. It was just people quietly getting on. I liked that the story was not super anti-technology like a lot of old fart author post-apoc fiction tends to be; it even had a moment where Clark realized how hypocritical hating young people locked into their phones is.

I think the ending was far too sudden, especially for what is discovered only within the last few pages, but that and the Clark thing are my only concerns.