Seraphina - Rachel Hartman This is a perfect book. The heroine is headstrong and gets things done, but she never has to shun being feminine or become "one of the boys" to do so, which I really hate seeing with female leads. And the dragons, the dragons! What a lovely approach to them, the complexities of dragon life in their true form as opposed to living among humans in saarantras... There's so many things in this world, and I love that Hartman didn't do tons of "world-info dumping exposition" like some fantasy writers do, instead letting you find out through glimpses and snippets as the characters go about their life. (there is a glossary in the back though for terms and history so that was helpful!) Also the end made me cry a lot! But it was a really good ending and I was happy with the romance taking that route.

Hartman's prose is amazing and many times I felt like I was reading carefully crafted poetry. There's almost a rhythm to her words, things that flow together and sound so right. Sometimes it was predictable what would happen in the plot, but the way she actually wrote what happened made it all the more interesting.

I really cannot wait for a sequel!