The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard

The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard - Robin Cook, Alice Doyle, Everett Maroon, Carter Sickels, Katherine Scott Nelson, Tom L├ęger, Riley MacLeod, Ryka Aoki, Susan Jane Bigelow, Imogen Binnie, Casey Plett, Red Durkim, K. Tait Jarboe, R. Drew, RJ Edwards, A.  Raymond Johnson, Donna Ostrowsky, Terence Diamond, Cyd I liked this for the most part, though granted I skipped over at least 5 of the stories. I am pretty sure my favorites were Greenhorn by K. Tait Jarboe (rape tw), To The New World by Ryka Aoki, Runaways by Calvin Gimpelevich, Ramona's Demons by Susan Jane Bigelow, Dean & Teddy by Elliot DeLine, and War With Waking Up by Noel Arthur Heimpel (I cannot explain how utterly accurate and relatable this is to read as a mentally ill trans person).

I didn't like "The Queer Experiment" by Donna Ostrowsky specifically, mostly because THERE IS NOTHING TRANS ABUT THE STORY. Nothing made clear at least. I guess you could read any of the characters as trans if you wanted but literally nothing is stated and it felt like a waste of time to read when I got the anthology to read about trans characters.